Robb Creative Group Corporation is a marketing, advertising, graphic design, creative, and media holding company headquartered in New York City that owns a variety of advertising, creative, and other types of agencies in the advertising, branding, and media space. The company was established on April 8, 2017, by Romane Orlando Robb and is majority-owned by Robb Consulting Group Corporation which is owned by Robb Corporation.

Services In Detail:

1). MARKETING CONSULTING: We assist clients by working through various strategies that will bring a greater level of return on investment (ROI).

2). IN-STORE MARKETING: We assist clients with increasing in-store brand/product awareness through various marketing methods which include but are not limited to point-of-purchase marketing; posters; coupons; inserts; pop-up shops; an immersive experience; and brand ambassadors (in partnership with Robb Retail Services).

3). DIGITAL MARKETING: We assist clients with social media campaigns and other digital-related mediums.

4). EVENT MARKETING: We assist clients with getting their brands/products a greater level of awareness through sponsorship, co-productions, and giveaways.

5). MASS MARKETING: We assist clients with reaching the masses. This is done through but not limited to posters/flyers; billboards; commercials; direct mailers; and radio/podcasts.

6). MARKETING DATA ANALYTICS (MDA): We assist clients with creating more effective marketing campaigns by analyzing data we’ve created (in association with Robb Corporation Research (RCR) and Rosedale Consulting Corporation (RCC)). This allows the client to focus on key targets that will bring a greater level of return on investment (ROI).

7). ROBB CREATIVE EVENTS (RCE): We co-produce events. Events like; Concerts; Tradeshows; Conferences; Fashion Shows; Movie Screenings; Film Festivals; and more.

8). ROBB CREATIVE INFLUENCERS (RCI): We manage social media talent that we believe is unique, talented, and can be influential for the long term.

9). DESIGN STUDIO: We assist companies with logo design, brand identity, promotional materials, and more.

10). INVESTMENTS: In partnership with Robb & Company Corporation, we invest in start-ups in the marketing and creative space.

10). PRODUCT PLACEMENT: We can get your brand in front of millions of people.



Commercials, music videos, branded content and so much more!